The Quad

The theme are at the flick of a switch! 


The Quad provides a state of the art compact dark ride that is suitable for tight spaces whilst still providing all the benefits of a full size dark ride.


A passive or interactive ride system that gives the opportunity to refresh on a regular basis giving a completely new ride experience.


The optimum area is 5,350 sq ft (500m²)

The New Compact Mapped Dark Ride



Interactive compact ride systems


Easily switchable media content from one ride to another


Vehicle can go forward backwards and turn


Vehicle can Pan and Tilt


Interactive gun shooting system with scoring feedback


Immersive surround sound and video mapped experience


Complete Turnkey package


Bespoke film media content


Technical Specification


7 – 8 Zones with switchable media on vehicle entry

4 – 6 guest trackless vehicles – forward/backwards/spin

Queue line area and exit corridor

Optional interactive shooting system with on-board scoring


3 Vehicle with 6 guests per vehicle = 270 guests/per hour


4 vehicle with 6 guests per vehicle = 360 guests/per hour


Approximate size of area
(20.1m x 24.9m = 500.49m²)

(66ft x 81ft = 5,346 sq.ft. )

Interactive Content

We use different combinations of talent to work with our client to develop an approach that focuses on your specific requirements.   Driven by a solutions led approach we are able to find and implement innovative interactive solutions. 

Media Based Content

Through our partners, thejuice productions, Immersive Rides can provide CGI media based rides.   At the forefront of attraction media, we can help our clients achieve the best possible results. Click here for the latest Showreels

Live Content

Through our partners, thejuice productions, Immersive Rides can provide live media rides.   We have access to the first custom built drone for the attractions industry.  So wether it’s a undersea adventure or a flight over Australia, we can create the ride for you. Click here for the latest Showreels