Infinity Ride

The Riders get to choose their own adventure before the ride starts!


Immersive Rides have taken the standard Dark Ride concept and have advanced one step further, adding the flexibility of changing your complete Dark Ride including the theming at the flick of a switch. 


Infinity Ride can be a passive or interactive experience which gives you the opportunity to refresh the content on a regular basis giving you a completely new ride.



Infinity Ride is the new experience for Interactive Rides

Riders have the opportunity to take part in the whole imagination process and customise their experience.  Using bespoke content the riders get to choose the style of ride before they embark on the journey.  It ensures that every ride will be a different experience. 

Zones within the ride envelope would encompass plain themed structures, tube columns, archways, sphere; these projection surfaces will enable you to project an unlimited number of different themed visual images and environments throughout the ride. 


These mapped surfaces can be changed at the flick of a switch and synchronised with other events happening within the ride.


Special Effects, such as smoke, aromas, air, snow & water, can also be synchronised with the on screen 3D/4D films and mapped projection. 

Technical Specification


Interactive screens and mapping screens


Interchangeable Ride and Theming Content


Traditional Dark Ride elements, including physical screens, targets and individual scoring system. 


The themes are endless and all at the flick of a switch


2D or 3D stereoscopic content provided by multi award winning studio 


360 Surround Sound and SFX LED Lighting


Track/Trackless vehicles for any size of venues


Your one off investment


Technical Components

Concept Design

Special Effects





SFX Lighting


Film Creation




Animatronics Animation


Project Management

Interactive Content

We use different combinations of talent to work with our client to develop an approach that focuses on your specific requirements.   Driven by a solutions led approach we are able to find and implement innovative interactive solutions. 

Media Based Content

Through our partners, thejuice productions, Immersive Rides can provide CGI media based rides.   At the forefront of attraction media, we can help our clients achieve the best possible results.Click here for the latest Showreels

Live Content

Through our partners, thejuice productions, Immersive Rides can provide live media rides.   We have access to the first custom built drone for the attractions industry.  So wether it’s a undersea adventure or a flight over Australia, we can create the ride for you. Click here for the latest Showreels